job type: direct commission
building type: 8 cabins composed in 4 units whereof 2 are completed
client: Lodge Alpin AS, Ole Kristian Furuseth
total area: 1035m2
completion: 2004
project team: C.Adams, K.Bartels, C.Langeland, H.Salvesen
photography: div.A arkitekter

the site lies on a steep west-facing gradient with panoramic views to the south and west. eight units are incorporated in the scheme, these comprising two different types. one of each type are conjoined, allowing for independence of space and yet the practicality of shared services. each cabin has a practical and yet flexible plan and are easily accessible in both summer and winter thus, also lending themselves to the possibility of both short and longer-period rental. all units have a southern aspect.

type a has a flat roof and lies cut-into the terrain, slate cladding gives the cabin a stone-like character.

type b has a regular apexed roof and presents a simple, light timber construction lying atop the heavier stone character of type a.

this juxtaposition gives the project clear, aesthetic and constructional  references to local building methods.