commission: project competition
project: primary school
client: Trondheim municipality
grossarea: 10 000m2
project team: div.A arkitekter: C.Adams, P.Brekke, H. Salvesen, Lusparken Arkitekter
landscaping: Bjørbekk & Lindheim AS

The site is located east of Trondheim, in an area now characterized by its fields and farms. New area plans include large housing projects as well as a new school. The municipality wanted this to be a climate effective, area efficient and flexible school. They also wanted the building to serve as the area’s cultural centre. In order to respond to these criteria, we have designed a compact, simple L-shaped plan based on a rational construction grid with a clear and simple architectural form. The buildings create a central courtyard (“tun” in norwegian), which together with the use of wooden materials is a nod to the architecture of the local farms. The school building is subdivided into smaller parts where the different age groups have their own entrance as well as their own ‘home areas’.



Jakobsli skole - konkurranse underlag til PS Nedre del vestibyle2 Jakobsli Skole - 2. etasje_


170225 fargelagt BESKJÆRT.psd